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Folder ACSIP (11 Files)
Download District ACSIP Plan 2014-2015.docx
Download District_ACSIP_state_categorical_for_ACSIP_2016-2017.docx
Download District_Comprehensive_Plan_Report_2016-2017.html
Download Elementary ACSIP plan 2014-2015.docx
Download High School ACSIP Plan 2014-2015.docx
Download High_School_ACSIP_for_2016-2017.docx
Download Jr. High ACSIP Plan 2014-2015.docx
Download Jr._High_ACSIP_for_2016-2017.docx
Download Middle Grades ACSIP Plan 2014-2015.docx
Download Middle_Grades_2016-2017_ACSIP.pdf
Download State_categorical_funds_for_Elementary_for_SY_2016-2017.docx
Folder ACSIP Comprehensive Report (1 Files)
Download District_Comprehenisve_Report_2015-2016.pdf
Folder ACSIP State Categorical Funds (5 Files)
Download Elementary_State_Categorical_Funds_2015-2016.pdf
Download High_School_State_Categorical_Funds_2015-2016.pdf
Download Junior_High_State_Categorical_Funds_2015-2016.pdf
Download Middle_Grades_State_Categorical_Funds_2015-2016_(2).pdf
Download State_Categorical_Fund_Description_2015-2016.pdf
Folder ACT ASPIRE (0 Files)
Folder ACT ASPIRE (2 Files)
Download ACT_ASPIRE_2016-2017.pdf
Download District_ACT_Aspire_Results_2016-2017.pdf
Folder Board Minutes (41 Files)
Download April 2015 Board Minutes.pdf
Download April_Mintues_2016.pdf
Download August Minutes 2014_1.pdf
Download August 2015 Minutes.pdf
Download August 2015 Minutes_1.pdf
Download August_2016_Minutes.pdf
Download December Board Minutes 2014.pdf
Download December Minutes 2015.pdf
Download February 2016 Minutes.pdf
Download February Board Minutes 2015.pdf
Download January Board Minutes 2015 (2).pdf
Download January Board Minutes 2015 (2)_1.pdf
Download January Board Minutes 2015.pdf
Download July 2014 Board Minutes.pdf
Download July 2015 Board Minutes.pdf
Download July_2016_Minutes_1.pdf
Download June 2015 Board Minutes.pdf
Download June_2016_Minutes_2.pdf
Download March Minutes 2015.pdf
Download March_Board_Minutes_2016.pdf
Download March_Board_Minutes_2017.pdf
Download March_Board_Minutes_2017_1.pdf
Download May 2015 Board Minutes
Download May 2015 Board Minutes.pdf
Download May_2016_Minutes.pdf
Download May_2016_Minutes_1.pdf
Download Minutes_December_2016.pdf
Download Minutes_February_2017.pdf
Download Minutes_January_2017.pdf
Download November Board Minutes 2014.pdf
Download November Minutes 2015.pdf
Download November Minutes 2015_2.pdf
Download November_2016_Minutes.pdf
Download November_2016_Minutes_1.pdf
Download October Board Minutes 2014.pdf
Download October Minutes 2015.pdf
Download October_minutes_2016.pdf
Download September 2015 Minutes.pdf
Download September 2015 Minutes_1.pdf
Download September Board Minutes 2014.pdf
Download September_2016_Minutes.pdf
Folder Board Policies (4 Files)
Download 16-17 Board Policies
Download 2016-2017 Board Signature page
Download November Minutes 2015_1.pdf
Download School Board Policies 2015-16 final.pdf
Folder Classified Personnel Policy 2014-15 (1 Files)
Download Classified Personnel Policy 2014-15.pdf
Folder Dyslexia (0 Files)
Folder ESEA Accountability Reports 2014 (5 Files)
Download ESEA District 2013-2014.pdf
Download ESEA Elementary 2013-2014.pdf
Download ESEA High School 2013-2014.pdf
Download ESEA Jr. High 2013-2014.pdf
Download ESEA Middle Grades 2013-2014.pdf
Folder ESEA Accountability Reports 2015 (5 Files)
Download Scan0188.pdf
Download Scan0189.pdf
Download Scan0190.pdf
Download Scan0191.pdf
Download Scan0192.pdf
Folder ESEA Accountability Reports 2016 (5 Files)
Download District_ESEA_2016.pdf
Download Elementary_2016_ESEA.pdf
Download High_School_ESEA_2016.pdf
Download Jr._High_ESEA_2016.pdf
Download Middle_Grades_ESEA_2016.pdf
Folder Family Information Packets (12 Files)
Download 1st-3rd_Grade_Information_Packets.pdf
Download Information Packet -MG 2014-15.pdf
Download Information_Packet-High_School.pdf
Download Information_Packet-Middle_Grades.pdf
Download Junior_High_Information_Packet_for_2016-2017.pdf
Download Kindergarten_Packet.pdf
Download Middle_Grades_Information_packet_2017-2018.pdf
Download PJHS Family Kit.pdf
Download Scan0058.pdf
Download Scan0130.pdf
Download Scan0135.pdf
Download Scan0141.pdf
Folder Financials (77 Files)
Download 2015-16 Calendar
Download 2016-2017.pdf
Download April
Download April 2015
Download April 2015
Download April 2016
Download April 2017
Download ASR 13-14
Download Audit 11-12
Download Audit 13-14
Download Audit 14-15
Download Audit 14-15
Download Audit 2013
Download August
Download August 2015
Download August 2016
Download Budget 13-14
Download Budget 14-15
Download Budget 15-16
Download Budget 16-17
Download Budget 2014-2015
Download December
Download December 2015
Download December 2016.pdf
Download February
Download February 2016
Download February_1.pdf
Download January
Download January 2016
Download January 2016_1.pdf
Download January_1.pdf
Download July
Download july 2014 Revenue
Download July 2015
Download July 2016
Download June 2015
Download June 2016
Download Local Revenue April 2017
Download Local_and_State_Revenues.pdf
Download March
Download March 2016
Download March_1.pdf
Download May 2015
Download May 2016
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Monthly Expenditures
Download Montly Expenditures
Download Montly Expenditures
Download Montly Expenditures
Download Montly Expenditures
Download Montly Expenditures
Download Montly Expenditures
Download Montly Expenditures
Download Montly Expenditures
Download November
Download November 2015
Download November 2016
Download Oct 2016
Download October
Download October 2015
Download Revenue Nov 2016
Download Revenue_March_2017.pdf
Download Salaries_and_Benefits_Paid_Current_&_Prior_Two_Years.pdf
Download Sept 2016
Download September
Download September 2015
Download Signature 16-17
Folder Handbook Policies (3 Files)
Download 2016-2017_Student_Handbook.pdf
Download Pottsville School District Student Handbook 2015-2016.docx
Download Pottsville_School_District_Student_Handbook_2017-2018.pdf
Folder Homeless Information (1 Files)
Download Homeless_Data.pdf
Folder Human Resources (30 Files)
Download Additional Duties 2016-2017
Download Additional Duties.pdf
Download Additional Duties_1.pdf
Download Additional Duties16.pdf
Download Adopted Certified Schedule 2015-16Nurse NEW.pdf
Download Certified Salary Schedule 15-16
Download Certified Salary Schedule 2015-16 .pdf
Download Certified Schedule 2014-15.pdf
Download Certified Schedule 2014-15_1.pdf
Download Classified 2016-2017
Download Classified Salary Schedule 15-16
Download Classified Schedule 2014-2015.pdf
Download Classified Schedule 2014-2015_1.pdf
Download Classified Schedule 2014-2015_2.pdf
Download Contract Report for Web2016.pdf
Download Contract+Report+for+Web 2014.pdf
Download Contract+Report+for+Web.pdf
Download Contracts 2016-2017
Download Licensed 2016-2017
Download Licensed Salary Schedule 14-15
Download Nurse Salary Schedule 2015-16
Download Salaries and Benefits
Download Salary and Benefit
Download Salary and Benefits
Download Salary and Benefits
Download Salary and Benefits
Download School Nurse Salary Schedule 2016-2017
Download Signature Page 2014-15.pdf
Download Signature Page 2014-2015.pdf
Download Signature Page2016.pdf
Folder Licensed Personnel Policy 2014-15 (3 Files)
Download 2014-15 Personnel Policies
Download School Board Policies 14-15 Final.pdf
Folder NSLA Funding (4 Files)
Download NSLA Description of Funds 2015-2016.docx
Download NSLA Funding 2014-2015 -website.docx
Download NSLA_Description_of_Funds_2016-2017.docx
Download NSLA_Description_of_Funds_2017-2018.docx
Folder Parent Involvement Plans (17 Files)
Download Parent Involvement Plan-High School 2015-2016.doc
Download Parental Involvement Plan District 2014-2015.doc
Download Parental Involvement Plan District 2015-2016 (1).doc
Download Parental Involvement Plan for High School 2014-2015.pdf
Download Parental Involvement Plan for Jr. High 2014-2015.pdf
Download Parental Involvement Plan for MG and Elem 2014-2015.pdf
Download Parental Involvement Plan- K-6 2015-2016.doc
Download Parental Involvement Plan-Jr. High 2015-2016.docx
Download Parental_Involvement_Plan-_K-6_2016-2017.doc
Download Parental_Involvement_Plan-_K-6_2017-2018.doc
Download Parental_Involvement_Plan-Jr._High_2016-2017.docx
Download Parental_Involvement_Plan-Jr._High_2017-2018.docx
Download Parental_Involvement_Plan-Jr._High_2017-2018_1.docx
Download Parental_Involvement_Plan_-High_School_2016-2017_1.docx
Download Parental_Involvement_Plan_-High_School_2017-2018.docx
Download Parental_Involvement_Plan_District_2016-2017.doc
Download Parental_Involvement_Plan_District_2017-2018.doc
Folder Report to Patrons (2 Files)
Download Report to Patrons 2014-2015.pdf
Download Report_to_Patrons_Powerpoint_2015-2016.pptx
Folder Report to Patrons Presentation (1 Files)
Download Report_to_Patrons_Powerpoint_2016-2017.pptx
Folder Report to Patrons-Agenda (1 Files)
Download Report_to_Patrons_Agenda_2016-2017.pdf
Folder School Performance Report (3 Files)
Download District_School_Performance_Report_2016.pdf
Download School Performance Report 2014.pdf
Download School_Performance_Report_2015.pdf
Folder Title I Parent Meeting-Right to Know (4 Files)
Download We’re a Title I School 2015-2016.pdf
Download We’re_a_Title_I_School_2016-2017.ppt
Download We’re_a_Title_I_School_2017-2018.ppt
Download We’re_a_Title_I_School_2017-2018_1.ppt
Folder Title I Plans (6 Files)
Download Title I School-wide Plan-Elem 2014-2015.docx
Download Title I School-wide Plan-Elem 2015-2016.docx
Download Title I School-wide Plan-MG 2014-2015.docx
Download Title I School-wide Plan-MG 2015-2016 (Recovered).docx
Download Title_I_School-wide_Plan-Elem_2016-2017.docx
Download Title_I_School-wide_Plan-MG_2016-2017.docx
Folder Wellness (2 Files)
Download 2016-2017_District__Wellness_SHI.pdf
Download Wellness_Policy.pdf